A Little Cwtch (L22)

Who doesn't need a Cwtch eh?

If your not familiar with the word Cwtch let me help - this is one of the official definitions of the lovely Welsh term "CWTCH"

to cuddle someone (= hold them in your arms) in a loving way that makes them feel very happy and safe:


Our Little Cwtch frames can be modified to suit the sender and the recipient (s) 

For example if I was sending to my best friend or Mum I would choose two ewes and use the pronouns "I" and "me" (Here's a little cwtch from me, if I cannot be there"


If my husband and I wanted to send a "Little Cwtch" to my cousin and his wife, I would select a ewe and a ram and use the pronouns "us" and "we" ( Here's a little cwch from us, if we cannot be there).

Just use the drop down menu to make your choices.



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