Counting Sheep (C01)

Brand New for 2021 - perfect for childrens rooms

Counting Sheep is a totally unique design by Liquorice and can be personalised if required.



with Jenny


Sheep 1 sighs a peaceful sigh

Sheep 2 hums a lullaby

Sheep 3 sips at nice warm milk

Sheep 4 wears pyjamas of silk

Sheep 5 kisses your head goodnight

Sheep 6 says “mind the bed bugs don’t bite”

Sheep 7 dims the bedroom light

Sheep 8 tucks you in warm and tight

Sheep 9 can stay awake no more

Sheep 10 begins to snore

You’ve counted sheep from one to ten.

Still awake?

Then count again.

But this time count them in your head

Don’t wake the sheep

They’re all in bed

Lots of love Nana & Grandpa xxx


Choose from 10 little ewes or 10 little rams

Choose your colour text 

If you would like some personalisation just let us know what you'd like in the drop down menu e.g

Please note - colours of sheep will vary so if you have something specific in mind please get in touch before ordering


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